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CareOptimize Utilities

CareOptimize continually develops utilities to help both our clients and staff maximize their productivity.
We share these utilities with others, provide examples of our capabilities, and even let you design a
custom utility to satisfy your own individual requirements.


These utilities and templates are offered at no cost, enjoy!

Clinical Operations Manager Template 5.9/8.4

This template allows for you to track, from a single dashboard, the outstanding clinical tasks in your practice(s), filter by type, and reassign to different users.

Task Cleanup Template

Eliminate having to manually delete and remove old tasks from EHR and PM. This template automates the process, saving time and improving performance.

Full State of the Practice Report

Is your practice: running efficiently, maximizing your reimbursements, keeping up with meaningful use and all the updated regulations, ready for MIPS?

Document Auto-completion Templates

This package includes the Care Guidelines Automation package, Order Management Automation package, and Diagnostic Histories Automation package.

CareOptimize also offers packages to help make navigating the myriad changes in healthcare technology a little easier.

NextGen EHR Utilities

Bulk Enrollment for Patient Portal

Ease meeting Meaningful Use portal requirements and increase portal adoption. The bulk enrollment utility automatically enrolls all patients with email addresses in NextGen Patient…


Bulk Unenrollment for Patients 13-17 Years of Age

To prevent a possible HIPAA issue, every single pediatric patient ages 13-17 would have to sign a release granting their parents permission for access to their portal, or you would…


Moving Patients Between Practices

Utilize a NextGen System template to move all clinical data, either on individual or multiple patients, to a different practice.


Outsourced Collection Agent Account Placements Automation Utility

Allows the client to automate the Bad Debt process from pre-listing the account for Bad Debt. Process Bad Debt and upload the placements to your collection agency without the…


Auto Enrollment for Patient Portal

This utility automates the process of enrolling all your patients in the required Patient Portal. While the Bulk Enrollment enrolls all patients with an email address, this one automatically…


Auto Unenrollment for Patients 13-17 Years of Age

This utility will run nightly and automatically remove any 13-17 year old patient who was added to the Patient Portal that day and will continue removing those patients…


Unapplied Utility

This utility enables NextGen users to identify and move unapplied encounter and account credits in a more automated approach as opposed to researching to determine if there…


Bulk and Auto Enrollment for Patient Portal

Attain maximum use of the Patient Portal by utilizing both the Bulk and Auto Enrollment tool together. When you purchase both together, you not only ensure all your patients get…


Bulk and Auto Unenrollment for Patients 13-17 Years of Age

By buying these two utilities together, you can rest assured all 13-17 year-olds will no longer be part of your patient portal (and save 10%).


Medicare Advantage Templates

These templates ensure capture of HCC scores and assist in maximizing 5-star scores.The Medicare Advantage suite is built on the NextGen 8.3 platform.


Spreadsheet to Posting Batch

This utility enables the users to export a NextGen report to Excel, indicate an adjustment or payment on the Excel SS, and upload it into a Posting Batch in NG to be posted without having to…


Are your providers keeping up with regulatory programs? How long is it taking for claims to be sent out? How does your A/R stack up against industry benchmarks?

With a CareOptimize State of the Practice Report, your practice knows exactly where you stand at any given time in a comprehensive set of areas.

State of the Practice Report and Standalone Utilities

Top 20 Payers

Lists the top 20 payers based on data from the past year. Self Pay is included as a payer in this report.

Bill Lag Time

The average amount of time elapsed since the date of service and first billing date for that encounter for the past 30 days.

Active Contracts

Active contracts practice has with insurers.

First Third Appointment by Resource

The number of days to the third open time slot on the schedule for each resource.

All Templates in Use During the Last 2 Months

Denial Rate

Lists the denial rate by category for the past 12 months.

Charge Entry Lag Time

Average amount of time elapsed since the date of service and the first charge entry for that encounter for the last 30 days.

BBP Jobs List

Listing of all jobs in the Background Business Processor and their most recent success/failure status.

Potential MIPS Surplus or Deficit

Determines MIPS adjustment surplus or deficit potential.

All Users with Greater Than 20 Tasks

All KBM Templates in Use During the Last 2 Months

A/R Aging

A/R aging for the top 20 payers, plus Self Pay. Utility shows the current amount of charges, 90 days outstanding, and charges over 180 days.

Unapplied Credits

Total amount of unapplied credits still existing at the encounter or account level.

Average Appointment per Day by Provider

An average of the number of appointments per day for the last 30 days (any day). The report ignores days with 3 or less appointments.

CQM/PQRS by Provider

Displays CQM selections as configured in the CQM Check template.

All Users with Tasks Over 7 Days Old

The following utilities help streamline certain functions in your practice and are not specific to any one EHR.

EHR Agnostic Utilities

Patient Tracking System

The web-based patient tracking and cycle time data system allows urgent care clinics and ambulatory care surgical centers to view real time data about their clinical activity. This organizational tool maximizes operational efficiency by streamlining the patient process, leading to higher patient and provider satisfaction.


set up fee (per location)

Confluence Immunization Exchange

All states except Connecticut and New Hampshire have electronic immunization registries, or Immunization Information Systems (IIS). Many of these states require submission of immunization data to these registries. Confluence, the nation’s immunization data delivery network, offers any provider administering an immunization access to the client’s immunization history.

Additional Utilities

Automatic Status Report App

Automatically gather entries from your time tracking in HarvestApp and ticketing in Zendesk, providing automated status reports to keep your stakeholders informed each step of a project.


Utilities Developed For Our Partners


Polyglot Meducation provides simple, personalized medication information to increase health literacy and patient compliance. Care Optimize has integrated the Meducation solution into multiple EHRs, integrating the Meducation solution directly into the clinical workflow.

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